Peter Gaulke's Strange Wilderness: THE MOVIE
Peter Gaulke's Strange Wilderness: SHORTS
Animals are the Funniest People

Too Funny

Other Side of the Cell
Beyond Bizarre
Ghosts: Fact or Fiction

Women on Death Row I
Women on Death Row II
Women on Death Row III
Women on Death Row IV
Women on Death Row V
Women Behind Bars Season I
Women Behind Bars Season II
Women Behind Bars Season III

Adventure World
Curse of the Mayan Temple
Devil's Mountain
Man Against the Sea
Montezuma's Lost Gold
The Call of Kilimanjaro
The Treasure Chase
This Nation Israel
Treasure! (1990) (with Phillip Michael Thomas)
True Adventure
What a Way to Go 2 Hour
Surfing Champions 1 hour

Natural Wonders (America's Wonders)
Jean Michel Cousteau Presents
Stories of the Sea
Amazing World
Baja - Great New Adventure
Islands in the Sun
Wonderful World of Women

Valley of the Dolls

W.W. II Factual
Making of Tarawa
Return to Tarawa

Animal Odyssey
Animal World
Big Cats
Creatures of the Amazon
Creatures of the Wild
Dangerous Creatures
Great American Wilderness
Is there an Ark?
Mysterious Miniature World
New! Animal World
Predators of the Sea
Safari to Adventure
Sea World - Just for the Fun of it
Seals, Whales and Dolphin Tales
Secret World of Reptiles
Shark! The Silent Savage
Sharks of a Different Color
The Amazing Apes
The Carnivores
The Last Ark
Vanishing Africa
Where Did All the Animals Go?
Wildlife Adventure

With over seven million feet of film and video in our library, Burrud Productions has some of the most unique and thorough animal footage ever assembled. From the elusive manatee to the most deadly of man-eaters, our footage is both stunning, and virtually unparalleled throughout the entertainment world. Our library not only contains exceptional wildlife footage, but also includes scenic vistas from the most exotic locales in the world. Our film crews have journeyed into the dense jungles of the Amazon and trekked across the hot sands of the Sahara. Our library also contains the largest selection of North American flora and fauna to be found.

We invite you to either telephone or fax our offices with your footage request, and we look forward to serving your production needs.

If you have any additional questions or would like more information, please contact us by fax, or our online contact form.

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